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Scientific computing, also called numerical analysis or computational mathematics, is concerned with the design and analysis of algorithms for solving mathematical problems arising in many fields, especially in science and engineering, and with the implementation of such algorithms on high performance computers. Research topics in the Scientific Computing Group at Illinois include:

  • Iterative solvers and preconditioners for linear systems
  • Mesh-based solvers for finite element structural analysis
  • High-order finite element and spectral element methods
  • Algebraic multigrid solvers and software
  • Nonlinear systems and optimization
  • Discrete exterior calculus
  • Geometric mechanics and control
  • Computational astrodynamics
  • Numerical simulation of astrophysical phenomena
  • Numerical simulation of biomolecules
  • Numerical simulation of electromagnetics
  • Numerical simulation of solid propellant rockets

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Fellowship Award   (May 2012)
Graduate student Elena Caraba has been awarded a Computational Science and Engineering Fellowship for academic year 2012-2013. Elena's research on modeling and simulation of composite materials based on tomographic images is co-advised by Prof. Heath and Prof. Philppe Geubelle of the Department of Aerospace Engineering.

PhD Final Exam   (May 2012)
James Lai passed his PhD final examination on May 1. His thesis, written under the direction of Prof. Olson, is concerned with conservation and efficiency for least-squares finite element methods. James has accepted a position at Microsoft following graduation.

Visitors   (April 2012)
Prof. Ridgway Scott of the University of Chicago and Prof. Dongbin Xiu of Purdue University were featured keynote speakers for the annual CSE Symposium on April 24.

Student News   (April 2012)
Congratulations to graduate student Peng Jiang and her husband on the birth of a their first child, a 7 lb, 1 oz baby girl named Grace, born at 7:34pm on April 16.

Fellowship Award   (March 2012)
Graduate student Steven Dalton has won an NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship, one of only twelve such awards given nationally.

PhD Final Exam   (March 2012)
Nana Arizumi passed her PhD final examination on March 12. Her thesis, written under the direction of Profs. Todd Coleman and Lee DeVille, is concerned with emergence and stability of complex structures from stochastic neuronal networks. Nana has accepted a postdoctoral position at CEA-Leti Clinatec in France following graduation.

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