Paul Fischer

Numerical PDEs, spectral element methods, computational fluid dynamics, parallel and high-perfrmance algorithms, iterative methods

William Gropp

High performance numerical algorithms, parallel computing, message passing interface (MPI), parallel performance, multilevel methods for numerical PDEs

Michael Heath

Numerical linear algebra and optimization, parallel numerical algorithms

Andreas Klöckner

Integral equation methods for PDEs, high-order finite element methods for hyperbolic PDEs, tools and languages for high-performance computing, time integration

Luke Olson

Multigrid and iterative methods for sparse linear systems, least-squares finite element methods, parallel numerical algorithms on GPUs and large-scale systems

Edgar Solomonik

Communication complexity, numerical linear algebra, tensor computations, electronic structure calculations, parallel programming abstractions

Graduate Students

Eslami Hassan
Scott High
Vivek Kale
Samah Karim
Huong Luu
Matthew Michelotti
Erin Molloy
Tarun Prabhu
James Stevens
Matt Wala
Xin Zhao


Former Faculty and Postdoctoral Research Associates